Monday, July 23, 2012

Brunch with Friends

From Lila:
Okay so it’s 7:48 PM right now and I’m blogging.  This isn’t my usual blogging time but yesterday Bela (my mom’s friend) took me, my mom, and her two boys Kabir and Siddarth to brunch. The restaurant was my choice of course. Bela wanted to see us since she was in Brooklyn and figured it would be perfect because then I could blog about it. So I had to pick a place that had soft foods because I got the rest of my braces put on this Thursday. It caused me excruciating pain on Friday - it made it so I could barely chew (they’re still causing me pain.) Naturally I picked Flatbush Farm a farm to table restaurant and I’m pretty sure some of its food is Mexican influenced. Anyway the restaurant is about one mile away from where I live so I had to get to Flatbush Farm by crossing the Gowanus Canal which for those of you who don’t know the Gowanus Canal is this disgusting murky chemical filled canal that people go kayaking in sometimes.

 Here’s what we ordered: me and me my mom ordered The Ranch Hand Breakfast which consisted of corn chips which were smothered pepper sauce on top of those chips were scrambled eggs with thinly sliced radishes as a garnish, under those chips was lime cream with that was some sort of pepper paste, it was amazing and the chips soaked up all of the pepper sauce. Bela and Kabir ordered the Farmers Breakfast but Kabir ordered it with a side of bacon and Bela ordered it with a side of garlicky greens, which are amazing. The farmers breakfast consists of an egg ant style, potato plantain hash, and a side of either greens or bacon. I got this dish last time I went to Flatbush Farm and it was okay, it wasn’t special but since I hate bacon I got the greens, which are amazing.  Yes I know that for those of you who love bacon I’ve committed a serious crime but I personally think it’s disgusting. 

 Anyway Siddarth got the crispy duck confit, which consists of duck (obviously) a duck egg and a lentil something pilaf. I’ve never actually had duck confit but thanks to my aunt Deborah I’ve actually had duck. Somewhere in the time I was at Flatbush Farms someone said something about Ice cream so me and my mom both nearly jumped up and said Van Leeuwens in unison.  We wound up going to Van Leeuwen an ice cream place in cobble hill.

 I have to back track right now because I still have stuff to say about Flatbush Farms. So while we were waiting for our food I was looking at this woman’s burger and fries nearly drooling, I’m not kidding I have a palette expander which makes me drool quite a lot, and I was also trying not to drool by looking at an awesome brick wall with ivy crawling up it’s side. Man the food was good there.

Anyway on to Van Leeuwen: When I walked in there I really had to go pee so I couldn’t exactly admire the wallpaper and lovely décor but I did take an unnecessary amount of time to choose an ice cream flavor because hey ice cream is so much more important than peeing. So the ice cream flavor I chose was cinnamon because it tasted kind of like the cinnamon butter cream that is on the red velvet cupcake at BAKED in Brooklyn. I also chose it because I love cinnamon. After I went to the bathroom I finally got to taste bowl of the cinnamon flavored ice cream, it tasted really cinnamony and as I referred to before it tasted like the cinnamon butter cream from BAKED but it also tasted kind of creamy, so I know this’ll sound cheesy but there are no words to describe how good the cinnamon ice cream is. So bye I have to go and make green beans for tonight’s dinner.  


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