Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fish Tacos

From Lila:
So today I made fish tacos with “pickled” red onions well actually they’re marinated in almost all of a small bottle of red wine vinegar but still it’s kind of like pickling. Sorry that I haven’t been blogging so much lately but I’ve actually had a lot of social events going on like my fourth grade teacher taking me out to dinner with two of my friends. Also I’ve had to do a lot of my math homework (uggh…)

Anyway this summer I’ve learned a considerably large amount of things but the three most important things that I’ve learned is: cutting onions sucks, cutting jalapeños sucks because today was the first time I have ever cut jalapeños and I got jalapeño juice on my face, trust me it was painful, finally I’ve learned don’t slack on your piles of math homework. Wow that was a long cheesy list, so back to reality. This whole fish taco experience was certainly interesting to say the least, not the actual cooking but the butting heads between me and my mom. I mean our time in the kitchen together could turn into a hit reality TV show like… well I can’t think of one of those trashy reality shows right now but I will. My favorite topping was the marinated red onion. Since I hated the Pico-de-Gallo, it was really the only other condiment that I could like. I was really excited about “pickling” the onions because I’ve had them on amazing tacos at this taco place called Oaxaca that have the pickled onions on them (delish). So bye, oh and you must try this fish taco recipe.     

From Ambika:
I'm posting this during commercials while watching the Olympics (I love the Olymics!). I just want to add that we used mahi mahi for theses tacos, which was really great (and pricey). I do kind of wish I had recorded the jalapeño chopping drama. Although Lila resisted quite vehemently at first, she did successfully seed and chop a jalapeño. So she gets big points for that and for making some really delicious fish tacos!

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