Friday, July 13, 2012


From Lila:
So I have no idea what to write for the blog but my mom is forcing me to write a post since I’ve been slacking a little. So today I made sliders its Alton brown’s recipe [he has my favorite team on the next food network star.] Anyway I had to make sliders at 10:30 in the morning and that wasn’t such a pleasurable experience to say the least. Well one of the only good things that happened today was that I kind of got all of my relaxing hours in but unfortunately I didn’t actually get to read MADL My relaxing hours consisted of reading and getting my mom really angry [sorry mom.] So today didn’t go very well but my burgers were delicious. So bye, sorry there are no pictures I forgot to take them.   

From Ambika:
As all parents know, we love our children even when they are driving us bananas! Now onto the sliders which Lila made yesterday. They were delicious! My husband gets the credit for finding this recipe from Alton Brown at He also gets the credit for buying the cast iron grill pan that makes all the difference (and generates a lot of smoke). Since we forgot to take pictures of the meal here is a pic of the crazy cookbook Lila and her dad are reading: Life Magazine Picture Cookbook from 1963. 

We have never made any of the recipes from this book. But John and Lila love reading cookbooks like this because the recipes are absurd and disgusting. Right now they are singing a song about this recipe: lamb tongues with raisin sauce. You can imagine.

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  1. yum! lamb tongues with raisin sauce! Sounds amaaazing! Just kidding!!! :P