Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Chef: Cousin Jordan

From Lila:
So today I made green curry with my cousin Jordan. Once again I didn’t get to read my MAD Magazines. So the green curry was really good but didn’t exactly smell delectable it smelled kind of like fish sauce mixed with the “great” smell of fish shops in Chinatown. I don’t really have anything else to say that’s funny, wait hold that thought I have more stuff to talk about. So today as you already know my cousin Jordan came over to cook dinner with me but you’ll be happy to know I got in my mandatory relaxing hours and cooking with Jordan was quite fun as they would say in sophisticated terms. So I was cutting onions that were really strong [uggh] and as you already know when cutting onions your eyes water a lot. I also had to zest half a lime the other Jordan did. Wow there’s a lot of tedious work involved in making a good curry [uggh, again.]  But all in all my dinner making experience was pretty great. Wow what I just said was the second cheesiest thing I have written. Bye people I have to get back to reading the babysitters club graphic novel.

From Ambika:
Many thanks to our cousin Jordan for teaching Lila how to make green curry. We made it with tofu, zucchini and snow peas. It was delicious! Jordan is a wonderful and patient teacher (I am admittedly not so patient). We all had a great time and got lots of pics!

 Pressing the tofu.

 Marinating the tofu.

Green curry sauce.

Jordan showed Lila a great way to chop zucchini.

Looks good (also I love this pan)!

Green Curry - yum!


  1. that zucchini looks SO GOOD!! ME WANT TO EAT!!


  2. And Lila!! I'm disappointed in you! You can't go ABOVE AND BEYOND without reading MAD!! Just kidding!

    Juju (again)

  3. i know juju it's so wrong not to go ABOVE and BEYOND without reading MAD