Friday, August 3, 2012


 From Lila:
 So yesterday me and mom collaborated on dinner. The dish that we made was mujadara which consists of rice, lentils, and sort of caramelized onions. So from the description it doesn't sound as absolutely amazing as it is. It's so good it's almost worth all of the amazingly awful onion chopping, well at least for me anyways. Earlier on in the day I had over heard that I might be going to Maui in December, okay so I know that it's kind of stupid to get excited about possibly going to Hawaii but I've been seriously missing Maui (hey that's an awesome book/movie title). Anyway I've also been having reoccurring dreams about Hawaii like last night I had a dream about Hawaii. Okay so now I really have to get back to the topic.  When I was frying or more like caramelizing the awful onions that made this dish so good I unfortunately burned myself with hot oil (uggh...) It stunk but the smell of the caramelizing onions was heavenly. Also if you eat a ton of mujadara like me and my mom did it makes you feel a bit funky but it's so worth it. Bye I've got to go and do my math now.     

From Ambika:
I have to say here that this really was amazing (and it is quite healthy - not sure why Lila said it made us feel funky)!!! We have been getting this dish from Sahadi's (great place if you find yourself in Brooklyn) and loved it so we decided we should try making it on our own. I searched for a recipe and then found this one, which looked like a winner and I must say it it was! This mujadara is far and above what we have been buying. My only complaint is that we ate ALL of it and had none left for leftovers. So next time we will have to double the recipe, which does mean chopping A LOT of onions. But since this is my new favorite recipe, we will make this again and again for sure. A couple of notes: we did not fry more onions for garnish and did not miss them. Also we rinsed the rice before cooking it (since I always do that). And we used grape seed oil instead of canola, since that what we had on hand. Do try this at home!


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