Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spaghetti with Skylar

So last Tuesday I had a sleepover with my friend Skylar who I made dinner with and who's mom told me and my mom that there was a sale at this awesome store called LF. So anyway we made a marginal tomato sauce although the $10.00 Parmesan that I bought was quite good.

Here are my tips on how to not make a mediocre/watery tomato sauce. Personally I prefer to use whole tomatoes because they're just so fun to squeeze. That sentence didn't sound right did it? Anyway I also like to brown the garlic even though my mom always tells me not to, it actually gives the tomato this nice unexplainable flavor. I also prefer making tomato sauce with a friend because it just makes it more fun and besides isn't cooking/baking with a friend almost always more fun than when you're cooking/baking on your own? On to more tomato sauce making tips. I also prefer to use San Marzano tomatoes instead of your generic tomatoes because who want regular tomatoes in a semi regular tomato sauce? My final tip is not to stir the tomato sauce every 5 seconds because then it won't cook and will result in watery and marginal tomato sauce. So bye I'm off to watch TV. Oh and my mom will also post the recipe.                    

 Lila usually makes a great marinara sauce, and we all think the reason this one wasn't quite as good was indeed too much stirring. Who knew? Here is Lila's basic recipe: 6 - 7 cloves of garlic sliced and then browned in extra virgin olive oil. She adds a can of whole tomatoes that she already has squished into a bowl with her hands. Then she cooks it on medium low heat stirring occasionally for about 30 mins. She adds a handful of torn up basil toward the end and also salt and pepper to taste. We did  once make an amazing marinara from The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual. It takes all day but still...

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  1. I heard this was real fun and delicious! I agree squeezing the tomatoes is fun! I have a famous meatball recipe for you to try with skylar next time (from my Italian family) - goes great with spaghetti :))